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Last Update: 2023-09-09

Welcome to SafePorn.org!

We highly recommend to read our FAQ as an easier readable information source. It is also translated to several languages.

These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of SafePorn.org's Website, located at https://www.safeporn.org.

By accessing this website we assume you accept these terms and conditions. Do not continue to use SafePorn.org if you do not agree to take all of the terms and conditions stated on this page.

Access to Our Site and Age Restrictions

Our primary policy is to limit access to the Website exclusively to individuals who have reached the age of majority. In essence, it is expressly forbidden for individuals under the age of 18 (or 21 in certain jurisdictions) to visit this website.

Removal of content from our website ( DMCA )

If you encounter any content on our Website that you find offensive for any reason, or if you believe it infringes upon copyright, you are at liberty to contact us at any time and provide us with relevant information. We will assess requests for content removal in accordance with applicable guidelines. For detailed information regarding the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) policy, please refer to the Report page.

Takedown Request Procedure

In the event of copyright claims or a takedown request, kindly furnish evidence of content ownership, along with a detailed description of your identity ("I am XY, Lawyer of XY"), and a comprehensive list of the URLs pertaining to the contentious material. Failure to provide the aforementioned information may result in our inability to accord due seriousness to your communication. You may submit this information through our designated Contact or Report forms. Further information regarding our Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) policy can be found on the Report page. It is essential to note that our Website strictly supports only lawful content, and as such, we maintain a cooperative approach in handling such matters.

Content Liability

Please be informed that the content on our Website

SafePorn.org is a SEARCH ENGINE for online public adult media.

Please note that SafePorn.org is linking images from the cdn.safeporn.org domains which is our image processor service. This entity is not storing any images, it is just a processing layer between SafePorn.org and the content origin.

Our content is collected from third party services. You can contact us any time to request the source of the given picture. No link(s) should appear on the Website that may be interpreted as libelous, obscene or criminal, or which infringes, otherwise violates, or advocates the infringement or other violation of, any third party rights. Generally we are open to takedown requests, please contact us with your request. We try to do our best to remove all kinds of problematic content.

* However, since September 2020, we do accept picture uploads from members of our community, which are hosted on the URL hspuploads.nyc3.cdn.digitaloceanspaces.com or 0bf.cc. These uploads undergo basic moderation on an individual basis; however, we cannot provide an absolute guarantee that the uploads do not infringe upon anyone's rights. In instances where such infringement occurs, we promptly remove the community uploads upon receipt of a valid DMCA Takedown Request. In justified cases, we may also disclose the uploader's IP addresses.

Domains belong to us

Here you can see the list of domains which belong to us, with an explanation of its purpose.

Content Uploading

Every registered users whose account is older than 1 day, has the opportunity to upload their favorite pictures.

When the user uploads a picture, his/her file will be uploaded and hosted on our own storage server.

After the User finished with the upload, the picture won't appear on safeporn.org) immediately, but right after our moderators checked and approved it. Upon approval, the User will receive an e-mail notification with the URL of the picture.

Please note that any illegal content will be automatically reported to the authorities. By clicking on the "Upload Now" button you agree the Terms & Conditions, and you give your consent for storing your personal information (IP Address). It's important to know that we are not sharing your personal data with 3rd parties, except in case of governmental obligation.

By default, all of the uploaded pictures are public on the internet, so everybody can see them (including Google!). However, you have the option to flag your uploads as private (), which makes them visible only to logged-in members.

If you want your data be removed, please contact us here OR remove it by yourself in your personal Profile.

Moderation Rules

Uploads are rejected by moderators in the following cases:

  • Fake pics

    Edited, fake pictures, especially when the depicted person's face is replaced with somebody else's face.

  • Excessive promotion

    Too Large captions, watermarks are prohibited. However we accept good quality uploads with smaller, restrained promotion (URLs, logos,etc)

  • Wrong Category

    Pictures with totally wrong category setting will be rejected. In this case you can upload the picture again in different category.

  • Low quality pics

    Uploaded pictures have to have enjoyable quality. In some cases, blurry pictures can be considered as high quality.

  • Suspected revenge porn

    Moderator can reject the picture if he is suspecting that the depicted person has not given his/her consent.

  • Repeated upload of the same or similar picture

    If you upload very similar pictures, or slightly modified ones, then we will start to reject them after while.

  • Suspected "leaked" pics

    Stolen and leaked pictures are prohibited, very similar problem to revenge porn.

  • Gay pics, dick pics

    Closeup pictures about genitals are prohibited on this website. We are basically not a gay site, however we have Gay category.

  • Any illegal content

    Any picture which harms any country's laws are strictly prohibited. Also we encourage users to report such content.

If a user consistently uploads rejected content, we retain the right to disable the upload feature for said user.

The practice of moderation of uploaded media

SafePorn.org reserves the right to monitor all uploads and remove any content, without prior notice, that is deemed inappropriate or violates these Terms and Conditions.

Please be aware that the rejection of an uploaded picture may be based on the subjective judgment of the moderator. We do not accept appeals or compliments regarding the moderator's decision.

SafePorn.org cannot provide a technical guarantee for the continued presence of uploaded media on the Website in the event of data loss.

Registration/Sign up

During the sign-up process, we request the following information from you:

You have to understand and accept the following data handling facts:

You can anytime request the removal of your registered account and all of the connected data/logs by contacting the Customer Support

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Data Protection

Please read our GDPR policy for further information.

Comment Liablity

Parts of this website offer an opportunity for users to post comments on content. SafePorn.org does not filter, edit, publish or review comments prior to their presence on the website. To the extent permitted by applicable laws, SafePorn.org shall not be liable for the Comments or for any liability, damages or expenses caused and/or suffered as a result of any use of and/or posting of and/or appearance of the Comments on this website.

SafePorn.org reserves the right to monitor all Comments and to remove any Comments which can be considered inappropriate, offensive or causes breach of these Terms and Conditions.

You warrant and represent that:

You hereby grant SafePorn.org a non-exclusive license to use, reproduce, edit and authorize others to use, reproduce and edit any of your Comments in any and all forms, formats or media.


As long as the website and the information and services on the website are provided free of charge, we will not be liable for any loss or damage of any nature.

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